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Dynamic Facility

Multiple bays with lifts dedicated to customer vehicles and projects. In-ground dyno cell, fabrication and clean room. All specific areas designated to achieve the best results possible. 

Professional Tuning

Precise driving characteristics and outstanding performance are the results of a succesfully tuned vehicle. Full calibration and road testing with HP Tuners is how HPA will have you enjoying the power and drive. 

Knowledgeable Team

Beyond hands-on. Communication promotes success. We are here to answer questions, address technical information correctly, and assure quality results from the build plan. Discuss your specific goals with us anytime. 

... will be exceeded.

Performance Products

Our Exclusive Parts

Horsepower Addicts provides innovation and quality to the parts we sell. No upcharge for the name, just the great results.

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A&A Superchargers

Full-line of excellent supercharger kits for Corvettes. Designed specifically for C5, C6, & C7 applications, big power is only an HPA install and tune away.

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ARH Products

Late model GM and other domestic performance platforms including Dodge and Ford. We have them all, and install.

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IW Dampers/ Balancers

High quality, and certified harmonic balancers produced in the United States with all American components.

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Industry leading aftermarket supercharger manufacturer, ProCharger offers the most powerful, reliable, and advanced centrifugal supercharger systems for automotive, truck/SUV, sport compact vehicles.

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CORSA Exhausts

Manufacturers of well designed exhausts and innovative technologies to create great sounding exhausts with looks to match.

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